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by timshel on May 10th, 2011


A few weeks ago the boys and I headed to the fabric store togetherto pick out the material for their furture Super hero capes. Luckily, we were able to find two different “doggy”printed fabrics in each of their favorite colors: orange and green. A few nights of sewing and the two of them were official decked and ready to be “Fantatsic!”

IMG_4301 IMG_4303 IMG_4291 IMG_4288  IMG_4346 IMG_4359 IMG_4355 IMG_4345 IMG_4341

I love watching the briliant transformation a simple cape can bring to their play-time. Whether it is eir n-blown realms of imaginary worlds or just a bit of air-guitar while listening to the radio in their new kid-size Jeep, is all nothing short of spectacular.

IMG_4299 IMG_4331

I caught Jude standing gaurd agains oncoming cars like Superman, legs planted firm and hands on hips in the center of our front yard.

IMG_4334 IMG_4329

I watched both boys hit the power-jolt on their “jet boots” as they flew into top gear and circled the backyard/sideyard/porch steps/ front yard/ porch….

IMG_4325 IMG_4311

And I even witnessed a peculiar contemplative spirit overtake Ambrose as hew walked, monk-like in small circles in the side yard with his hands clasped in what he confirmed to Jude as “prayer” before he finsihed up and ran back over to hop into the Jeep and zoom off into their next adventure. Unexpected? yes. Fabulous and hilarious? Absolutely.

IMG_4393 IMG_4395

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  1. Wonderful! Thank-you, Timshel. I knew I should make Liam a cape – now I see why!

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