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A.P.C. quilts, Anthropologie’s mystifying power, and re-purposed denim pillows

by timshel on November 4th, 2011

I seriously get a little bit spooked when I experience Anthropology. I mean, in a way, don’t you think we all should?  It is like a bad relationship where I am the dufus (and not because I ever have enough money to buy anything that I covet in that joint). It rings spooky to me and here is why:  every single time I walk in there I have that singular feeling of being stylishly “known”. You know what I mean. The blazing, glorious, sing in the street feeling of “this place get’s me!!! They not only ‘get’ me they ‘get’ me in ways I didn’t even know I could’ve been gotten! In like future ways of pure potential, stylish, beauty incarnate bliss!” I go in that shop and my eyes are beaming, my heart is singin, and wait…are my heels clicking? I might actually feel like my best self. And it happens almost every time. In the store, through the magazine, haphazardly when I find myself on their website…I am like a lovesick puppy that never sees it coming and EVERY time falls flat on my face for whatever they are dishing out. Hook line and sinker. If Anthropolgy was a boy and I was in high school I would be in some serious trouble. Serious. And the spooky part? Well the spooky part is not just that it happens so damn intensely and EVERY time I go in there but that I know (and I am no fool) that this is exactly how you all feel too. And even if I wanted to act like that was totally normal, isn’t that just a little bit creepy? That we all can feel so perfectly “fit” in our own little, deep down, individually stylish parts and yet share the same ringing singular aesthetic joy with EVERY SINGLE OTHER GIRL that enters through Anthropolgie’s pearl-bedazzled-re-purposed timber doors? Not so individual after all, huh? Well maybe that is why it cost so much in there then. Because real individuality is expensive. Right? Wait a minute. Wrong and wrong. I am not sure what I want to say here because I am not ABOUT to give up my love for Anthropolgy and God knows I can;t stop that ringing, singing, dinging thing that happens in my nervous system every time I saunter in there like I can afford the place. But, I just wanted to put it out there.

That being said, these A.P.C quilts are really rocking my world. I love them. Like really love em. IN that deep, down, fancy kind of way. And I am sure I am not the only one. 🙂

The pillows are just something cool that I found on a re-purposed denim blog ( I forget where). They are pretty beautiful and, although mine would be much wonkier than these beauties, they inspire me to do something lovely with all of the denim and old jeans I have been hoarding in our basement for years now.

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