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Mar 24 11

some things that people make are just funny..

by timshel

Thanks to my wonderful husband who spends loads of time on the internet, tonight I looked through this project. Why include it here? Well, it is a great effort in a grand direction or, in other words, it really made me laugh. A project is a project and this one is pretty darn awesome.

Mar 22 11

Where they create from…

by timshel


For a while now Skip and I have been dreaming of adding a “creative spaces” segment to our ‘Drinks With” project. I keep finding different variations of this idea all over the internet and I am SO glad because the idea, to me, is endlessly fascinating. Maybe, in a way, that is the lure of so many art/design/craft blogs….that you have a chance to visit the actual space of creation through details and images. I can remember being a painting student and seeing pictures of Picasso’s painting lofts cluttered with large canvases and paint flung across the floor, pictures of Flannery Oconnor’s writing desk, pictures of a crowded Italian alcove apartment where Percy Shelley spent his last months… Somehow those pictures just vibrated off the page. Implications of the hours, moments, songs, thoughts, words, and silences. Anyways, I stumbled acorss this this week and, again, was pleased to know it existed in some other form in some other place. Ours will be soon to come in the summer but for now I am enjoying the intriguing and mysterious encouragement of seeing other artists, in their own lives, working. Maybe that’s it. Yep. I think so.


All of these photos are from here. Go! I could have spent all night sifting through here and trying to choose favorites. IMpossible. Perfect. Stunning. Wonderful. All of it.

Mar 16 11


by timshel



this recipe. perfect. I went back for seconds, thirds, and even stole the left overs that were meant for the kids before-school breakfast. I know,…terrible and delicious.



Mar 8 11

Nani Iro skirt, finished

by timshel

nani iro skirt


Nani iro Skirt


Just a simple A-line skirt but it is finished. I like the simple pattern because it allows you to show of this beautiful fabric in the most straightforward, simple manner. I can not even tell you how long it took me, standing at the cutting table looking at that fabric spread out before I could actually “cut” into it. phew. But I didn’t ruin it! Yay.

Feb 13 11

On Sunday

by timshel


There is a sweet baby upstairs asleep in the middle of my bed. He is soft and warm and happy to be resting. For right now that is enough to know about anything.


Feb 12 11


by timshel


This was what cooked all day yesterday in our kitchen as the rest of us found ways to entertain, make the most of, and enjoy  the snow day. Nothing like the dreary months of February and January to remind you how much you love Cooks Illustrated.  We had subscribed to them last year and somehow forgot to renew. The truth is , though, I don;t think I was ready for them then. How absolutely wonderful they are. Skip and I have spent the past two days revisiting 2009’s catalogue and we are absolutely smitten. What was I, asleep?! Beautiful, simple, concise…it is like finding the spine of the skeleton and then suddenly seeing the simple core of how everything else in the body is connected. Cooking-wise I mean, Every single thing about them makes them the ultimate cooking resource. Sounds silly but I can only repeat what I just said and mean it even more. Skip made this and it was so delicious that I ate spoonfuls past any reasonable point of fullness and had to hold my own hand back from eating all of the extras that he is hoping to turn into Papoosas tomorrow. Orange peels, the smallest amounts of salt, pepper, and spices. Lime juice.  Ah. So, so, so good.


Feb 11 11

sweater talks

by timshel

sweater talks

So we got out the three sweaters I have completed (there have been several other “unsuccesfuls”) that are currently worn by my family members and discussed the future of Skip’s new knit. Being my wonderfully no-baloney self I thought we should just cut to the chase and get Skip’s REAL opinion on what he wanted, yet again, before I slaved away for hours of my precious life (I am kidding here…).  It was really nice to be able to look at finished, normal looking, handmade-by-me sweaters lying across my table. Well done. u-huh. And it was worth it to have the examples because it looks like we will be augmenting the Debbie Bliss Pattern we had originally decided on and heading for a larger version of the Baby Sophisticate. So, did you hear that Skip? You will be wearing a big man’s baby sweater. No two ways about it. 🙂

Feb 10 11

Quince and Company

by timshel

A few months ago  (after I had been knitting in front of Skip for almost 12 years) Skip casually asked if I would ever consider knitting a sweater for (ahem) him. He had bought a wool, brown, fisherman’s sweater from H&M at Christmas and he has barely taken it off since purchase. I see why he has started to wonder. It is cold here (snowing in fact) and I can barely get cozy myself. And so, when he asked, I had to take him seriously.

Anyways, in all honesty, I don’t really ADORE knitting. We have (knitting and I) a conflicted relationship. It is pretty simple to explain, and if you examine it too closely it may shed light on other less glamorous parts of my character involving commitment vs. drudgery, immediate gratification vs. an unbearably long commitment combined with uncertain  chances of success, etc. etc. etc. I have enough “artistic pursuits” in my professional life as a songwriter that claim this terrain, and so..on knitting I am at peace with it being a mild -I mean VERY mild (fellow “professional” knitters- I have met you guys and you guys are really serious. woah.)- hobby. I also (and this may be one of my “problem areas” as a knitter) have trouble being “realistic” about my projects/abilities/TIME in which to complete any project. Anyways, needless to say I have to be realistic about the fact that I might knit a baby sweater (that means small-er and quick-er–ish) for someone and it will occupy 48 hours of my collective time and the person I give it to can either love it or hate it.  And yes, I know this is the nature of “gift giving” but, honestly, whatever!? What I mean is that I think there should be a built in rule about anything you knit for anyone, (even if it is that terrible knee length, salmon colored, tube-sock of a raglan sweater that my dear friend spent the majority of her ten year old year knitting). Just because of the universal laws of time and space, etc….it should be received with oohs, ahhs, and, when possible, applause. I am serious.

All of this is to say that I have thought of knitting a sweater for Skip ad have shied away. And so, when we actually found this beautiful website via this wonderful recommendation,  looked at these incredible yarns, and then read their wonderful story, well, we were sold. I have 7 skeins and am away on a shawl- collar cardigan for Skip’s birthday and we. shall. see.

If for no other reason than too ooh and ahh, go to their website and make something with their yarn and beautiful patterns. How lovely. How lovely. How lovely.

Feb 8 11

The Maker’s Project

by timshel

Thanks to Lena I found Jen Causey’s new Maker’s Project. Absolutely wonderful distraction.

Feb 4 11

Sewing update. the Broadturn bag.

by timshel


It worked!  Lots of pockets in the inside, a nice denim on the outside, and another use of my vintage sheets for the soft and flashy interior :). Now it is packed with moby, wallet, phone, and Little White Puppy (check out the last pic and see how Ambrose stashed him in there?). Ready for our errands this afternoon!